Guide: 5 FAQs About Wills, Trusts, and Medicaid

If you're curious about estate planning, asset protection, or long-term care and Medicaid, this guide is a great starting point. I wrote it to answer the most common questions about estate planning and elder law:

  1. Why should I get an estate plan? How much will it cost?
  2. What is "probate," and should I avoid it?
  3. Do I need a trust?
  4. What is "asset protection"? Can I protect my property from the nursing home?
  5. When does Medicaid pay for long-term care?

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Whether you're a young couple just needing the basics, a retiree finally getting your affairs in order, or a daughter worried about your parent's need for long-term care and Medicaid, this is how to get started.

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    * I am licensed to practice law in Wisconsin and Minnesota. This guide is based on Wisconsin law.